Big Foot Adjustable T-Nut

The BigFoot tent poles have a registred designed 32mm foot cap to ensure a more secure base to the pole to sit on. They are made with Nylon-R plastic for greater strength, are UV treated to reduce deterioration and have a unique drain holes to allow any wather to escape. They are available with T-Nut, Plastic Collar or stainless steel spring button for adjustability which is located at the top of the pole for easy extension. All plastics are UV treared and all steel fittings are Yellow Zinc coated and last 4 times longer than standard Zinc. The spigot are made from UV Treated ABS plastic with a Hi-Tensile 8mm Yellow Zinc plted pin. The tube is Hi-Tensile up to 350Mpa and galvanised inside and out with a minimum gauge of 0,9mm


  • Hi-Tensile Galvanised Steel 350Mpa
  • Hi-Impact nylon foot cap with drain holes
  • Yellow zinc thumb screw & T-Nut
  • Hi-Tensile 8mm Yellow zinc spigot