The Difference Between Steel and Plastic Tent Pegs

The Difference Between Steel and Plastic Tent Pegs

Camping and caravanning enthusiasts know that pegs are made from different materials. Two of the most common are steel and plastic. They are both very popular choices amongst campers and hikers.  Here are some of the differences between the two.


Too often, you hear stories of broken pegs or pegs that easily bend when they are stuck in the ground. These hard steel ground pegs will glide through the toughest of ground surfaces. They may come galvanised or raw steel. They are the strongest pegs around with the “Keyhead” design and high tensile steel they are considered the heavy weights of pegs amongst all the other types. Due to the weight of steel pegs, they are best used when camping for extended periods of time in the same spot or for rough outback areas.

When To Use:

  • Securing large items such as big tents on a hard, rocky and stony ground.
  • Holding down the base of big items such as a gazebo
  • Hard ground surfaces
  • Anchoring a tarp that is set up as a windbreak.


When used correctly, plastic tent pegs give great security and holding down power. They are also particularly good for guy rope pegging in soft ground. As long as they do not strike stones directly, they are less likely to deform or break. Usually made of polypropylene or polycarbonate, they are lightweight, durable, sturdy and easy to maintain.

Plastic pegs are an excellent choice to take during hiking or trekking, where you have to carry your backpack for longer periods because it won’t weigh your bag down. Another added benefit of plastic pegs is the high visibility colours they come in, making them easy to see.

When To Use:

  • Ideal for use on softer grounds like grass, soil or loose surfaces where there aren’t many rocks on top of or within the ground.
  • Suited for securing tent on the sand
  • Suitable for securing tarpaulins and dome tents to the ground

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