Top 7 Most Useful Camping Accessories

Top 7 Most Useful Camping Accessories

Camping accessories are additional tools that you can include in your packing list when you go on a long-awaited camping trip. Along with your must-haves like tents, tent pegs, portable lights, sleeping bags and many others, camping accessories are great to add on to your camping kit and enhance the use of the essential gear. They make your camping adventure more comfortable and hassle-free.

Here Are 7 of the Most Useful Camping Accessories

  1. Pole Plates

Campers often find their poles sinking into the soft ground like sand. Some poles also tend to slip, slide and move in different directions when the wind blows. Pole plates are pegged into the ground to prevent the poles from sinking and moving.

  1. Peg Hammer

Driving in tent pegs through the hard ground with just your hands can be a challenge. Peg hammers are designed to hammer in tent pegs without damaging the pegs. Also the handle can be used to remove the pegs when finished.

  1. Universal Tarp Gripper

Tarp grippers provide extra holding strength for your tarp, especially during windy days. You can grip your tarp from anywhere using this tool. They are especially beneficial when you need to grip the tarp where eyelets are not available or damaged.

  1. Multiple Hook Hanger

Attach the hook hanger tool to your RV or 4WD awning to keep items tidy and organised around the campsite. You can hang cups, pots, clothes, towels or other items for easy access.

  1. Peg Remover/Peg Lifter

Using just your hands to lift the tent pegs can be difficult. The Peg remover/lifter is used for removing tent pegs from difficult terrain or hard ground. Simply hook the peg onto the lifter and pull it out. These have the added benefit of being used around the camp fire for the removal of lids on the cooking equipment.

  1. Repair Tapes / Patches

In the event that your truck curtains, tent lining, canvas awnings and other items get a tear, repair tapes and patches come in handy to repair and hold them together.

  1. Multi-Tool Set

A pocket-sized tool that combines several individual tools in one unit. They may come with knives, screwdrivers, scissors, can openers, etc.

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