Silver Guy Ropes


Expert Advice:

Australian made guy rope. Made with silver marine grade rope and universal set and forget polycarbonate runner. Also available with trace springs. [/span6]




  • Available in 6mm & 8mm rope
  • Marine Grade Silver UV treated Polyethylene Rope
  • Set & Forget Polycarbonate Universal Rope Runner (Reg. Design)
  • Yellow Zinc Fittings
  • .Also Available with Trace Springs
  • Made in Australia





Order Codes Length Size Type Trace Spring
GR4SPR 3M 4mm Single None
GR4CPR 3M x 3M 4mm Double None
GR6SPR 3.5M 6mm Single None
GR6CPR 3.5M x 3.5M 6mm Double None
GR8SPR 4M 8mm Single None
GR8CPR 4M x 4M 8mm Double None
GR6SPRLS 3.5M 6mm Single Light Weight
GR6CPRLS 3.5M x 3.5M 6mm Double Light Weight
GR6SPRHDS 3.5M 6mm Single Heavy Duty
GR6CPRHDS 3.5M x 3.5M 6mm Double Heavy Duty
GR8SPRHDS 4M 8mm Single Heavy Duty
GR8CPRHDS 4M x 4M 8mm Double Heavy Duty