Custom Made Poles

WE DO custom made
customised camper trailer replacement pole bowls and any other custom made Aluminium or Galvanized poles you can imagine.

Replace your poles, bows or build your own, replace your old and heavy awning poles with brand new ligth weigth swing down poles and any other needs of standard or unusual pole shapes, bends, sizes and fittings we can do it for you.
We have decades of experience crafting and fabricating custom Aluminium and Steel poles to our client’s specifications with our wide range of feetings. Our commercial lighting poles are made to last long and available in a number of heights and sizes to suit the unique requirements of clients from a number of different industries and applications.

Pipe and Tube BendersTube End FormersTube End FormersTube NotchingEnd FinishingTube PunchingTube CuttingTube Rolling

We offer a wide variety of tube forming processes to meet all of your applications, operating a large and diverse range of presses and benders to be able to fabricate all types of tubular products. We have over 10 presses ranging from 2Ton to 80Ton with the ability to metal stamp and form most types of products. Our experience in this area spans over 30 years. We also are able to swage, bend and roll tube sizes from 19mm to 32mm. Equipment for the entire tube fabrication life-cycle – turn-key Tube forming, end forming and end finishing, punching and saw systems. Tube Supapeg supplies equipment for the entire tube fabrication process. We work with your team during the entire tube fabrication life cycle from design to retrofit and every stage in between. Our tube fabrication equipment lines are focused on the main processing steps including the following machines:

Precision tooling is at the heart of every manufacturing process and at Supapeg, we understand the critical role quality tooling achieves in every end forming process. We use the highest grade tool steels to extend performance life in the toughest environments. Our engineering design and manufacturing capabilities excel on compound and complex tool shapes and you’ll be impressed with quick deliveries and complete support.

Tube Forming Machinery

Tube forming at Supapeg offers a complete line of tube bender tooling and accessories. From bend dies to clamp dies and pressure dies, all are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Mandrels, wiper dies, inserts and holders are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the longest life and performance consistency possible.

End-forming we understand the critical role quality tooling performs in every end forming process so TFS offers a complete line of end-forming tooling and accessories. With one phone call, you can get everything you need from standard bender tooling to special tools and accessories.

Tube Fixtures Supapeg designs, validates, and builds tube fixtures for locating bent tube parts during tube fabricating operations.