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Tubular Frame Connectors

Expert Advice:

90 degree Right Angle Connectors are ideal for camper trailer bows. Simply connect with galvanised or aluminium 25.4mm tube to make your bow. A variety of combinations are available. Made with strong high impact nylon. Registered Design.

Code: SP90309E

Code: SP90209

Code: SP90309

Code: SP90309ER

Code: SP90409

Code: SP90409E

Code: SP90309EL

Expert Advice:

70 & 25 degree angle connectors are ideal for manufacturing sturdy shelters including gazebo's, toilet and shower frames. Made from strong and durable UV treated high impact nylon. The 25 degree creates the peak or ridge to disperse any water from pooling on the roof. The 70 degree allows the legs and walls to angle out to make the frame sturdy when erected. The awning extenders give the option to extend the roof out from the frame. Registered Design.

Code: SP25308

Code: SP25408

Code: SP25208

Code: SP70308

Code: SP70408ER

Code: SP70408EL

Code: SP70408

Code: SP70508E

Order Codes Angle Connectors Extender Left/Right Identification Material
SP90309E 90 3 Yes N/A 6 High Impact Nylon
SP90209 90 2 No N/A 2 High Impact Nylon
SP90309 90 3 No N/A 3 High Impact Nylon
SP90309EL 90 3 Yes Left 5 High Impact Nylon
SP90309ER 90 3 Yes Right 4 High Impact Nylon
SP90409 90 4 No N/A 7 High Impact Nylon
SP90409E 90 4 Yes N/A 1 High Impact Nylon
SP25308 25 3 No N/A 6 High Impact Nylon
SP25408 25 4 No N/A 7 High Impact Nylon
SP25208 25 2 No N/A 8 High Impact Nylon
SP70308 70 3 No N/A 5 High Impact Nylon
SP70408ER 70 4 Yes Right 1 High Impact Nylon
SP70408EL 70 4 Yes Left 2 High Impact Nylon
SP70408 70 4 No N/A 4 High Impact Nylon
SP70508E 70 5 Yes N/A 3 High Impact Nylon

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